1. Stefani

    Brilliant, heartbreaking, infuriating – all at once. I am one of trump’s Transsexual targets. I’m afraid to walk across my apartment complex to collect my mail. I subsist – and I use the word ‘subsist’ with deliberation – on $25,000 per year between military retirement, a pittance of military disability, and Social Security. I get excellent medical treatment at a local VA hospital. Those services all stand to be removed from me because I’m Trans. No military retirement, no VA treatment, no military disability and no Social Security. I’m too old to find a job, and too beat up to work much, anyway, so what is the solution? The only thing I can think of is suicide. What infuriates me most about that idea is that trump and especially pence, will be pleased to see another ‘pervert’ and, as Hitler called those non-Jews he wanted to murder, a ‘useless eater”. In one fell swoop, I have gone from retired veteran to a burden on society and should probably just kill myself to save trump’s 4th Reich the cost of a bullet.

    1. Georgi

      Stefani, I’m sorry. I don’t know what to say other than you matter. Don’t let these ignorant bigots win. Please keep fighting. I have a trans daughter, so I understand a tiny bit, though not completely. I wish I could hug you and erase all those ugly lies. <3

    2. Laura Haines

      Oh my goodness, Stefani. (((((big hugs)))))) I know the fears are big and not unreasonable. But please don’t give up hope. You are a miracle of God’s own workmanship — uniquely special in every way. No one else here is you, Stefani. No one else here has lived your life, seen all you’ve seen. No one else can offer the perspective and encouragement you can. You are so brave and strong to have come this far, surviving so much, subsisting even on so little. Please know that there are still people out here willing to fight for you to keep your benefits, your rights, your protections. They will be a check and a balance to whatever the new administration may try to bring in the next few years. Trump won the electoral vote, not the popular vote. More folks stand with you now than ever before. I think some of the hate is growing louder because it’s losing it’s effectiveness. They think they’re winning, but they’re not. Love wins. And you are loved. Stay. Stay and play. We will win together.

  2. Jennifer Talbot

    Stefani, I hope and want you to know there are people out there that care… You are valuable to our community society and the world. I too am a mother of two Trans daughters. I don’t walk in those shoes but I walk proudly with you. Hugs.

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