1. Sherry

    Yes. 100% on the money. You, not Trump, have my support. I know his kind too.

  2. Suzanne

    I totally agree with all you said. The behavior was vulgar and sexually abusive and brings back memories of physical and sexual abuse I endured as a child and later as a young adult. The excuses and making excuses for the despicable behavior are also too familiar to what I heard from the abusers and those that made excuses for their behavior.
    This behavior is inexcusable from anyone and especially from a candidate running for President. There is no way I could ever vote for him and thereby condone his totally abusive vulgar sexist bigoted behavior.

  3. ·

    I couldn’t read…crying too hard. oh honey I am soo sorry.

  4. Jean

    Laura, I am so sorry that this was your experience. Thank you for being brave and telling your story. Wishing you strength, peace, and joy as you continue healing.

  5. ·

    I am so sorry you experience what this man and others are trying to say is normal. It is never normal.

  6. ·

    What Trump has done is inexcusable, disrespectful and degrading to women. I do believe that he is evil. I am sorry for what you and millions of other women have experienced and have to relive your trauma non stop because of the news coverage of this despicable monster!! I can only wish you peace in knowing that hope springs eternal and I believe that God will not let us down. It is frightening to realize that so many of our neighbors, families and friends accept this perverted scoundrel as a leader! What has happened to our country. May God bless and protect us all. Thank you for sharing your painful thoughts. I wish you love , peace and happiness! Patricia

  7. ·

    I’m with you… and I’m with Her. I will not be victimized again.

    I can’t comprehend how people are minimizing his words and behavior. It’s disgusting.

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